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Farm with own
responsible agriculture

To get the best poultry products, our chickens are fed with the best grain from our own responsible farm. We have chosen to take this step because we like to have total control of our products.

It’s a long way from the cultivation of grain to the delicious plate, but our work does not begin with the raising of poultry and the production of meat products but starts somewhere in the field by cultivating and selecting the best grain that have an essential role in the production process.

We want a long-term sustainable agriculture

We want a long-term
sustainable agriculture

Their food is your food too!

As a well-established mechanism, both farm and poultry farming complement each other, forming an integrated whole able to deliver excellent production results both in terms of quality and volume.

In terms of sustainability, all litter residues used in poultry houses are used as natural fertilizer on farmland, making it as natural as possible, and the impact of using chemical fertilizers is minimized.


LaProvincia products

Feeding from a responsible own farm, the LaProvincia chicken offers a tasty authentic meat. We offer a wide range of chicken products to meet the most creative tasters in the gastronomy.

Always interested in carefully selecting and packaging to the highest standards of our products, we contribute to the development of chicken production technology.

Choose, cook, eat! Good appetite!

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