Povestea LaProvincia

The LaProvincia story has a beginning, but not an end

1978 – it’s been 40 years since we put the first chicken on the table. Since then and until now, we wished to two generations to enjoy their meals. LaProvincia is amongst the top four local poultry producers, the company’s activity being an integrated one.

With a large number of farms and its own chain stores, LaProvincia has all the particular modern retail certifications, which makes our products also to be found in all major local retail chains. Because the authentic taste of Romanian chicken has to reach everybody, a percentage of the LaProvincia chicken production is exported to other 8 European countries.

We devote our entire activity to good taste

We devote our entire activity
to good taste

With well sketched and implemented strategies,
we succeed to keep our production levels to the highest standards.

The quality of products in general is directly influenced by the strategy and the production process. In order to provide a high quality finished product to the consumer, our specialists with vast experience in the field, find every day solutions to daily challenges with native professionalism.


LaProvincia products

Feeding from a responsible own farm, the LaProvincia chicken offers a tasty authentic meat. We offer a wide range of chicken products to meet the most creative tasters in the gastronomy.

Always interested in carefully selecting and packaging to the highest standards of our products, we contribute to the development of chicken production technology.

Choose, cook, eat! Good appetite!

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