Tradition with a story
and a story about tradition

The inheritance that years of experience left us and which we have perfected from year to year has made us learn, assimilate and cherish the tradition.

When talking about tradition we also refer to the fact that chicken is one of the most consumed in the world. More than one-third of the population is consuming poultry meat since ancient times, and this is tradition.

The desire for a tasty dish is as old as the chicken meat ...

The desire for a tasty dish
is as old as the chicken meat ...

... and when you're in the mood for something good, you're in luck at LaProvincia!

Although we were born only 40 years ago, our experience has begun since each of us has eaten the first chicken at home or at our grandparents, and since then we have begun the long journey to the present by gaining experience from tradition.


LaProvincia products

Feeding from a responsible own farm, the LaProvincia chicken offers a tasty authentic meat. We offer a wide range of chicken products to meet the most creative tasters in the gastronomy.

Always interested in carefully selecting and packaging to the highest standards of our products, we contribute to the development of chicken production technology.

Choose, cook, eat! Good appetite!

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